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biblatex-mla 0.7

For a long time, it seemed the worlds of Latex, Bibtex, and MLA-style citations and references were incompatible. Thankfully, Biblatex offers as much for users in the humanities as it does for those in sciences. Biblatex ships with starter style files with the expectation that users will build upon these to suit the whims of different publishing houses. Using these files as my starting point, I've defined MLA-format citation styles (defaulting to inline, but also including support for footnotes) and reference (Works Cited) styles for Latex. They're available below.

  1. Download and install Biblatex version 0.8d
  2. Download and install
Please be aware of the following known issues:
  1. Definitions list not complete (letters, prefaces, etc.) — definition list improved in 0.2; added support for newspaper articles in 0.4; added @video, @review, @inreference, and @booklet support in 0.5; added @unpublished, @inproceedings, @proceedings, @periodical in 0.6; added @suppbook and @suppcollection in 0.7.
  2. Localization efforts are currently stymied by my in-built support for (American-style) punctuation inside quotation marks. As of version 0.6, biblatex-mla supports Biblatex's native support (with csquotes and babel) of localized quotation marks and nested punctuation. As of version 0.7, biblatex-mla offers fuller support for localized non-American dialects of English (British, Canadian, etc.). It also includes localization files for Spanish and Portuguese. New localizations and updates to existing ones can be found at
  3. Footnotes work, but they're still not quite up to standard yet (minimal support for unusual entry types, fields, series, volumes, etc.). Footnote support is dramatically improved in version 0.7, especially for entries described in sections 5.6.1 through 5.6.14 in the 6th edition of the MLA Handbook.
  4. There is not yet any support for the new style of references found in the 3rd edition of the MLA Style Manual or the 7th edition of the MLA Handbook.

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